Year 2

Year 2 love to learn with their teacher Mrs Chidley and their TA Mrs O'Sullivan. They are also supported by Mrs Rimell and Mrs Huckle.

Welcome to Year 2

In Year 2, the children really start to develop their independence as learners and challenge themselves within fun and exciting lessons. We promote key values within our topics, including resilience and empathy, ensuring the children develop strong social and academic skills.

During the year, they will be really proud of the progress they have made and will start to prepare for their next transition into life in Key Stage 2.



Our Key Stage one topics work on a two year rolling cycle, with Years 1 and 2 working together. This preserves the strong relationships between the classes and allows the Year 2 children the opportunity to practice their leadership skills. For more information about the Year 2 curriculum, please use the following links.


Year 2 Curriculum

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At Kenilworth, we ask our children to complete half termly ‘home learning grids’ for their homework. This enables children to practice a wide range of skills at home and to share their learning across the curriculum.

We also fully understand the impact of regular reading on a child’s development. Therefore we ask for every child to read a minimum of five times per week.

For more information regarding our homework policy, please visit the homework page.


Year 2 Sats

In May, the Year 2 children will all complete SATs tests, to benchmark their learning at the end of Key Stage 1. Within all their lessons, they will be preparing for these assessments throughout their time in Key Stage 1, through the clear development of skills within all subjects. However, we also prioritise mental well-being and therefore we ensure that the assessments are completed with a calm approach. Often the children do not even know that they have sat the tests as we prefer to refer to them as ‘large workbooks’.

For more information on Year 2, SATs and phonics, please check the Meet the Teacher powerpoint below.

Year 2 meet the teacher

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