Year 5

Year 5 love to learn with their teacher Mr South and their TA Mrs Crossley. They are supported by Mrs Bruce.

Growth and development

In Year 5 the pupils are given lots of opportunities to develop responsibility. They start the year with a fantastic residential trip to Phasels Wood which helps them to enter Year 5 with firmer friendships and independence. They also spend the year looking after Bob, their class rabbit. He must be treated with respect, fed, cleaned and given exercise daily – giving all children the experience of being responsible for the welfare of a pet.


Throughout Year 5 the children have fantastic opportunities to learn through exciting topics, including finding out new facts about London, discovering the stars and mummifying a body!

Year 5 Curriculum

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At Kenilworth, we ask our children to complete half termly ‘home learning grids’ for their homework. This enables children to practice a wide range of skills at home and to share their learning across the curriculum.

We also fully understand the impact of regular reading on a child’s development. Therefore we ask for every child to read a minimum of five times per week.

For more information regarding our homework policy, please visit the homework page.

Phasels Wood

At the beginning of Year 5 the children are given the fantastic opportunity to stay away from school together. Phasels Wood is a scout camp near Hemel Hempstead, where the children get to enjoy activities including zip lining, spider mountain and archery.

They stay away from home for 2 nights and 3 days, in a large log cabin within the secure camp.

For more information about Year 5 and their trip to Phasels Wood, please look through our meet the teacher presentation from September 2019:

Year 5 meet the teacher

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