Year 6

Our Year 6 class enjoy their final year at Kenilworth with their teacher Mrs Riley and their TA Mrs Murray.

Welcome to Year 6

The final year at Kenilworth is an exciting time for all children, as they: prepare for their SATs tests, go on an exciting residential trip, perform an end of year play and lead school assemblies as House Captains.

Throughout all of this excitement and learning, the children are also getting ready for their transition to secondary school. We work closely with our local Secondary team to ensure that all children have the opportunities to ask questions, visit and ease their worries as they look forward to their new chapter.


Year 6 have an exciting curriculum, full of exciting opportunities to make good progress in all subjects. They discover fossils, explore Ancient Greece and find out how to survive marriage to Henry VIII through 6 fantastic topics.

Year 6 Curriculum

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At Kenilworth, we ask our children to complete half termly ‘home learning grids’ for their homework. This enables children to practice a wide range of skills at home and to share their learning across the curriculum.

In Year 6, these home learning grids also include opportunities to practice key skills to support their preparation for the upcoming SATs.

We also fully understand the impact of regular reading on a child’s development. Therefore we ask for every child to read a minimum of five times per week.

For more information regarding our homework policy, please visit the homework page.

Key Stage 2 SATs

At the end of Year 6 all children will be sitting standardised assessments. They will be sitting timed tests for reading, spelling and grammar and maths. Whereas writing is assessed internally within the school and then moderated externally.

These assessments take place within a test timetable set by the government.

We work hard to prepare the children for these tests throughout their whole time at Kenilworth, developing both academic and emotional resilience.

House Captains

The year 6 pupils have the opportunity to become House Captains. Within this role they have to lead assemblies, support younger pupils and represent the school at events. This year they are working hard to earn the school ‘Petwise’ accreditation from PDSA.

The House Captains are elected to the role by the younger children and are respected members of our school community.


At the end of Year 6, the children are given the opportunity to stay away from school for 4 nights and 5 days. This is always an exciting trip, full of climbing walls, zip lining, orienteering, archery and problem solving.